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 As software and technology industry recruitment experts, we know how hard it is to find top talent. Whether you are looking at hiring your next Director of Sales, Sales Manager, Territory Manager, Account Executive, Marketing Manager or Director, Vice President, or CEO, we help you find the top professionals.



Our Focused Approach

Our Five-Step Search and Match process helps us give you the best value for your recruitment needs. By focusing attention not only to the skills required for a given position, but also the motivation and chemistry of a prospective candidate and the client organization, Howard Lee and Associates has achieved an impressive track record of long-term placements within a wide variety of international software and technology companies.

Targeted Approach

People are much more than their resume and organizations are built by their biggest asset: their people. Knowing how to attract talented professionals is our strength and our targeted approach to recruiting streamlines the hiring process. Through our Five-Step Search and Match Process, we differentiate ourselves from other recruiting firms– our targeted approach zeroes in on the right candidates for your opportunity. We match based on skill, experience, motivation and drive because we team with our clients to understand the “right fit.“


Speed of Execution

The very best candidates are in high demand and are likely to receive multiple offers. If you’re not prepared to be decisive you may lose out to your competitors! Recruiting faster doesn’t mean you have to abandon your hiring standards, but it does mean you have to move quickly. Utilizing our network of over 100,000 software and technology connections, as well as our unique sourcing and matching process, Howard Lee and Associates always manages to accelerate hiring speed while maintaining a quality of hires. Moving fast means that you won’t miss out on top talent.

Trust and Confidence

We pride ourselves in treating everyone with respect, honesty and trust. Committed to bringing our clients together with the best-matched talent solutions possible. Our goal is to consistently provide a positive customer experience through the highest level of customer service. We vow to work diligently to understand our clients’ and our candidates’ needs to ensure success for both. We treat every customer with respect and courtesy with the goal of building a strong, long lasting partnership. Our clients continue working with us because of trust, confidence and delivery.