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If You Hire Software Talent… this is for you!

You’ll Discover!

The three easy steps to creating a robust hiring process that delivers for you time and time again, saving you money and headaches when attracting the best Software talent.

The secret to hiring faster and better than your competitors to ensure the candidates you really want say ``NO`` to your competitors and ``YES`` to joining you.

How you can really discover what your candidates are made of... a simple technique that could save you from a costly hiring mistake.

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About Us

We work exclusively within the software industry. We place software talent including but not limited to, managers and vice-president’s of sales, pre and post sales engineers, functional consultants, vice-president’s of marketing and vice-president’s of product marketing. If you are looking to recruit high performing candidates, this is important for you and your firm’s success. You may already know that the top performing software people do not read job advertisements. If they are a top performer, it is unlikely that they are on some database waiting for a call, as they are usually enjoying a great deal of success in their current position and not actively looking for a new software opportunity.The really successful software people have to be approached by an executive recruiter that will enhance your companies reputation and credibility, so that you get the top performers.

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